What We Do

Based at the Jersey Shore, the Plein Air Painters of the Jersey Coast is an group of artists who want to explore the beauty around them by painting “en plein air,” a term that is used to describe painting that is done outdoors. Plein air painting lets artists capture the unique colors and atmospheric effects that are too often lost when painting from photographs. Whether a study or a full-fledged painting, work that is done en plein air often has a fresh, spontaneous look that is missing from studio works.

Our organizational mission is to

  • •   Promote recognition of plein air painting and plein air artists
  • •   Promote artistic excellence by mentoring artists in plein air painting methods
  • •   Use plein air painting to benefit New Jersey’s coastal communities

We invite members to participate in the following:

  • •   Weekly outings to paint as a group
  • •   Webposts and email broadcasts of member news and plein air opportunities
  • •   Annual "Members Only" show
  • •   Biennial exhibit and sale for charity
  • •   Artist pages for all members with links to your website, Facebook page or blog
  • •   Special invitational painting opportunities from the shore communities

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