Quick Solutions to Plein Air Challenges
  • •  Painting outside in the winter can be a challenge. Click here to see Signature Member Rae O'Shea's suggestions for cold weather plein air painting.

  • •   Passers-by often want to stop and chat just when you need to concentrate the most. Avoid making eye contact. If that doesn’t work, say politely but firmly, “I’m sorry, but I’m trying to capture the light. I’m afraid it takes all of my concentration.” Then feel free to ignore further conversational attempts.

  • •   No one can paint well and have a conversation at the same time. If you want to chat, do yourself a favor and, with a like-minded painter, take a formal break well away from your and others’ easels.

  • •   Not sure what plein air equipment to get? Arrive early and check out what other painters are setting up. They’ll probably be happy to share their knowledge with you before they start to work. If they’re already working, take a photo to remind yourself and follow up later with an email.

  • •   Bring a plastic bag to use for trash and a clamp to secure it to your easel. Makes it easy to leave the site as you found it.

  • •   An old sheet or canvas cloth makes a good lightweight tarp and keeps you from losing small items in the sand or grass.

  • •   Have onsite questions that can’t wait? Have someone point out the site contact and see if they can help you. Remember, while we welcome all levels of painters, our weekly outings are for painting, not teaching.

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