History of the PAPJC  
  The PAPJC was founded by Judy Stach in the spring of 2003. As a plein air painter, Judy knew the benefit of painting outdoors on a regular basis and wanted to share that experience with others. In partnership with the Guild of Creative Art in Shrewsbury, she invited the Guild’s members to help establish a group of painters interested in getting together to paint outdoors in central New Jersey. Any medium was welcome, as were painters of any level. Five artists responded initially. By the second week, the group grew to 10 members. At the end of the first year, the Plein Air Painters of the Jersey Coast had 30 artists painting together. Some of the group's early members are pictured below.  

Front row l-r: Kuni Strange, Taphy Hascar, Caroline Klein, Debbie Frederick, Judy Stach
Middle row: Mimi McCabe, Barbara Grena, Leonia Mroczkowski, Kathryn Rapp
Back row: Don Robinson, Bob Herbert, Margaret Masica

Other artists not in the photo: Joe Bergholm, Jim Ferrier, Mike McCrink, Tony Migliaccio, Nessa Morse, Joan Norman, Joe Parascand, and Francis Sparandera.

The group was incorporated as a not-for-profit LLC after its first summer. Establishing itself as a limited liability company ensured that PAPJC officers were legally protected in case of an accident, always a prudent step for a group that is out working outdoors in all types of weather. The not-for-profit status has enabled its members to participate in many special activities and to work closely with local charities in promoting plain air art. We now have over 50 painter members, and continue to grow as we add more dedicated artists each year. Many of these artists are nationally known for their plein air as well as studio work. In 2011, we added a signature member level as a way to recognize PAPJC artists’ dedication to and achievement in painting in plein air.

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