Data entry form for text for a PAPJC artist's page
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Fill in the fields below to submit information for the secitons of your artist page (you can cut and paste text into these fields if you have the text in a document on your computer). After filling in this form, please remember to print a copy for yourself before you submit it.

Before your page can be added to the website, you will also need to supply jpg files of your paintings and an optional photograph of yourself. See the instructions for uploading artist's page information for details about how to prepare and submit these jpg files.


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*REQUIRED FIELDS (If you do not enter a value for these fields a blank line will appear on your page after the section title)
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*Exhibits: (list by year with exhibit name and location) 
OPTIONAL FIELDS (If you do not enter a value for these fields, the section name will simply not appear on your page)
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Awards: (list by year, award, awarded by) 
Paint Outs: (list by year with paint out name and location) 

Print this sign up form for your records after you fill it out and before you submit it electronically.
After printing your copy, submit it to the PAPJC by hitting the submit button below.
To cancel this form without sending any information to the PAPJC, just close this window.

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